• In Episode 2 of the Creating the Next Generation Web Series, Dr. Hawtof talks to Beebe Medical Foundation President Judy Aliquo.

Beebe Medical Foundation: Our Philanthropic Arm

2019-03-06T14:44:38+00:00 Jan. 8|

In Episode 2 of the Creating the Next Generation of Care Web Series, Dr. Jeffrey Hawtof sits down with Judy Aliquo, President & CEO of Beebe Medical Foundation to talk about the history and the future of the not-for-profit healthcare system which, through Beebe Medical Foundation, is embarking on its largest fundraising campaign to date.

Beebe Medical Foundation launched the “I Believe in Beebe” campaign last year. To date, the campaign has raised about $30 million of its $34 million goal! To learn more about Beebe Medical Foundation or how you can donate: www.beebemedicalfoundation.org. Or, visit the Give Now button at the top of the page!

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