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Pardon our dust while we renovate to better serve you.

Beebe Healthcare is renovating the West Entrance of its Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus to make the campus easier to navigate for our patients and visitors. This renovation will make the West Entrance more visible which will improve the drop-off and pick-up experience.

Some Features of the Renovation:

  • A more defined main entrance
  • A more visible drop-off and pick-up area
  • A new canopy

Timeline: The project is slated to start in mid-April 2019 and will be complete around January 2020

June – July 2019


The new pergola at the Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus features engraved bricks and a pleasant walkway for pedestrians along Savannah Road.

Engraved bricks and name plate

Engraved bricks and a central name plate line the walk way.

May 2019: 

Lewes construction - parking lot update

Lewes construction – parking lot is completed.

HVAC being placed on top of Lewes roof

The HVAC units being placed on top of the new hybrid operating room building in Lewes.

April 2019

Demolition of the medical building at 4th Street makes way for expanded parking and green space.

Demolition of the medical building at 4th Street makes way for expanded parking and green space.

Demolition at 4th Street allows for expanded parking and green space. Read the full story here.

Download an Updated Campus Map

What you need to know regarding changes to parking and entrances during construction:

  • The west lobby will remain open during the renovation, but will only be accessible through the parking garage.
  • Patients and visitors will still be able to park in the lots and garage located on our west side, and will still cross the street at the same point as they currently do, except now they will be routed into the garage to enter the hospital.
  • A friendly Beebe team member will be stationed at both entrances to help patients and visitors get to their destination after parking.
  • Because there will be work on the area where our West Entrance valet is currently located, valet will be temporarily moved to the East Entrance (near our Emergency Department) for the duration of this project. Beebe will have extra valet attendants during this time to help patients and visitors move through the process in a timely manner.
  • All scheduled patients for same day surgery, cardiac testing, cath lab, and pediatric EEG should continue to enter through the West entrance. If you are a scheduled patient for these services, a member of your Beebe Care team will contact you before your appointment to give you instructions. Additionally, all visitors not requiring valet parking should enter through the West entrance.
  • All other patients and visitors who require valet parking should temporarily enter through the East entrance (near our Emergency Room).
  • Vascular patients may enter through either entrance.
  • Signage will help guide your way inside and outside the facility.
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This renovation is made possible by a transformational $10 million gift by the Ma-Ran foundation.