What He Thought Was a Tick Bite Ended Up Being Cancer

It was the middle of the night when Warren Baker awoke to an itch on his leg. As he itched it, he felt what he thought was a tick. He instinctively held the tick in place and headed to the bathroom to remove it. When he got to the bathroom and inspected his leg, he found it wasn’t a tick, but it was more of a small lump under the skin.

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Designed with the Patient in Mind [VIDEO]

During the planning process for creating a second location for our cancer center, the design team created life-size mock-ups of rooms to allow Tunnell Cancer Center Executive Director Barry Hamp and the team to see what a room might look like and to have the ability to focus on what is best for the patient—right down to where to place coat hooks.

Check out the tour below!
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You are Invited to the Biggest Party of the Summer!

Every year, the Beebe Medical Foundation hosts the biggest party of the summer in partnership with the Cape May-Lewes Ferry on a docked ferry boat to raise funds for the Emergency Department. This year, the Beebe Beach Bash will be held on Saturday, June 3.

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Beebe Ball Raises Funds for Cardiac & Vascular Services

The 2017 Beebe Ball, hosted by Beebe Medical Foundation, raised more than $170,000 for Beebe’s Cardiac & Vascular Services. This annual event brings the community and the medical providers together to enjoy an evening of celebration and fundraising for healthcare services.

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